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Telephone: 07932 790416
Location: St Albans, England

Daryl Seeley Photography Photo Gallery
"; ?> Skateboard Santa

Skateboard Santa
"; ?> Thames Side

Banks of the Thames
"; ?> St Pauls

St Pauls, London early hours
"; ?> Girl on grass

School photo
"; ?> Frank

To be Frank
"; ?> Sheepdog

A Collie
"; ?> The Romans favorite dogs

My Rotti and a Cane Corso
"; ?> The Sirens

The Sirens
"; ?> Venice

I love Venice
"; ?> Artwork

The Duchesses
"; ?> Boy in Icelandic Hat

Boy in Icelandic Hat
"; ?> Expecting

The beauty of pregnancy
"; ?> Lashes

Boy in his great grandfathers sailor suit
"; ?> Lioness

Whipsnade Zoo
"; ?> Jaguar

Shot in a garden in of all places Welwyn Garden City - private breeder
"; ?> Jo - Great laugh

Saw her working in a gallery in the Kings Road, London
"; ?> Dinner

The Hilton, London
"; ?> Overcast

More Avebury
"; ?> Standing Stones

"; ?> Life & Death

Shot in a white studio with plastic grass and a borrowed baby
"; ?> Brideshead

Classic bride shot
"; ?> Legs my wife would die for

fitness instructor from Glasgow
"; ?> Zebra Girl

It took most of the day to paint my model and the shoot took place with four zebras in an inclosure, unfortunately my flash gun sent the zebras into a frenzy. After escaping, this was my final sjot of the day as the sun went down.
"; ?> St Marco

When night walks the day
"; ?> Mr Dave Jones

The treasure of Venice
"; ?> Ramp It

Skater Kid action shot
"; ?> Le Club

My friend was a DJ at this London Club annd asked me to come and photograph a few of the rather interesting clients.

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