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DJC Design Photo Gallery
"; ?> Business portraits

For an engineering company in Liverpool.
"; ?> Science photography

A science teacher demonstrates a science experiment to pupils for the Times Higher Education Supplement.
"; ?> PR style photography

Of a training course managed by Liverpool John Moores University
"; ?> Interior photography

Revolution Vodka bars in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston for owners Inventive Leisure.
"; ?> Priory Falls band

Band photo shoot for album cover, taken at Formby, 2006
"; ?> Modern building

Architectural photography for a company that makes cladding for new buildings, in Manchester.
"; ?> Casino

Poker table at a casino in Liverpool
"; ?> University alumni

British gymnast Beth Tweddle, alumni of Liverpool John Moores University. This portrait was used in their under-graduate prospectus.
"; ?> Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University

Two scientists in a university science lab for editorial usage.
"; ?> Isle of Man VIPs

VIP party arriving at Liverpool John Lennon Airport to launch a new series of stamps. Stamps featured images by David J Colbran
"; ?> River research

Man undertaking a river survey in north Wales for the Institute of Civil Engineers.
"; ?> Judges

At the Writing on the Wall Festival, Liverpool, May 2007.
"; ?> Performers

Actors at Cosmopolitian Housing performing a play to raise awarenesss about breast cancer.
"; ?> Portrait

Random man at the Big Chill Festival 2006
"; ?> Athena

Athena performing at the Big Chill festival 2006. Born in London, Athena (pronounced A-thin-aaah) Andreadis moved to Greece when her parents returned there shortly after she was born. Growing up in a decidedly Anglophile household, Athena was exposed not only to Greek music and culture via her mother's singing and records but also a diverse wealth of British and American sounds

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