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Kent Wedding Storybook Photography Photo Gallery
"; ?> at the window

This can only be taken when there is a nice window - this one was appealing enough and the lighting was just about OK to commit to taking the image
"; ?> ringshot from behind

as the couple walked away from camera we asked them to "cuddle" closely and took advantage of the rings being shown to our cameras
"; ?> ringshot portraiture

another favourite amongst newlyweds is the rings in focus and themselves gently out of focus for a compelling and meaningful portrait
"; ?> formal ring portrait

one for the coffeebook - using the lines of the wedding gown as a backdrop showing the hands and the rings of the newlyweds
"; ?> lovely backlit candid

the lighting was so right for this kind of candidly seen shot as the bride entertains the smallest of her guests at the reception line
"; ?> a kiss for the bride

The bride and her closest of friends pose for a cheeky shot
"; ?> Lads in a line

Another favourite shot with the groom and friends all in a line before the big event - having fun before the nerves set in!
"; ?> Boys ready for the off

One photographer at the grooms house takes a fun group of the lads in their finery just before they depart
"; ?> Groom and friends - formal

Formal doesn't have to be stuffy! the lads enjoy an impromtu group outside the wedding venue
"; ?> kids - new hairdo?

The groom had his favourite hairdresser around his house and this pageboy had his hair tweaked - a semi-candid shot. The other photographer has at the bride's house. That is the flexibility of having two photographers covering the events of the day.
"; ?> kids

a quickly seen and taken shot of a bridesmaid entering a topiary doorway - this was later used as a background for a coffeebook double-spread
"; ?> Kids and food

This young bridesmaid was counting out food for the other children at the buffet - one for you, three for me? - who knows! but it is a classic candid moment captured with very little time
"; ?> candid ceremony

This couple had already got married in Pakistan. They invited close family and friends to witness the UK legal registry office ceremony - look in the distance at the chemistry between the grooms sisters as they witness the proud event
"; ?> couple posed portraits

sometimes it's nice to make use of available light outside and available structures to produce portraits with a little style
"; ?> reportage reception party

the bride and a few girlfriends relaxing and having a laugh
"; ?> Groups on steps

taken round the back of a hotel with all the lads before they head for the bar!
"; ?> all in a line

one of those group shots - works well for a youngsters
"; ?> pub? lads? surely not!!!

taken before the ceremony - the groom and best friends all dressed up with the pub lying in wait in the distance!
"; ?> unusual leopard shot

As the bride and groom wondered through the zoo from the hall to their hotel, they stopped off at the leopard enclosure - the animal became obsessed with the brides white dress - possibly because it was a snow leopard - a candid taken as the leopard attempts to paw at the snowiness of the dress
"; ?> Garter Throw

This is a long forgotten tradition - this couple asked for the shot and it took several attempts before the garter flew in the right direction!
"; ?> candid toasts

The groom was in the middle of his toasts and this was taken at a jaunty angle in a candid fashion
"; ?> cutting cake close-up

emplying the services of two wedding photographers ensures that wider angled and close-ups take place at the same time
"; ?> Favours and Wine

The trouble taken to pick out the table settings by the bride - these must be recorded - this close up shows the favours and wine and the carefully chosen flowers at this table setting
"; ?> table setting establishing

The couple have gone to extreme lengths to ensure the enjoyment of their guests, it takes time to plan the wine and favours and table settings - so we will record these for you - remember that all photos taken are available as full sized images on CDROM's so even it you don't pick them for print you can print them at your leisure without having to involve extra payments
"; ?> Bride and Groom establishing

A wider angled shot encompassing the bride, groom, bridal car, and the venue - taken at Marwell Hall in Hampshire - Kent Photographers can travel you know!!
"; ?> Dad helping daughter - giving away

An unusual candid giving away shot - it shows off the finery of the petticoated wedding dress and the special relationship only a father has for his daughter
"; ?> Hat Portraiture

Lots of women wear hats at a wedding so why not take a record portrait showing the many wonderful designs
"; ?> Getting Ready

This bride chose to get ready at her Dad's home - She allowed the photographer to reposition the table and chair so that the light from the window was just so
"; ?> Establishing Artefacts

The bride will often have smaller items that are important as they show us some of the character
"; ?> traditional couple shot

As well as the many candids it is nice to have a few traditional shots to share with your family
"; ?> Lads Portrait

Using two portable studio lights - borrowing the snooker table room at the hotel for this fun posed portrait of the lads in action
"; ?> Lads in a line

A candid as the group was being set up showing the lads messing around
"; ?> Reservior Dogs

At a pre-meet the groom had expressed a preference for one of the artistic shots from a film "a clockwork orange" - this shot was taken in available light - late in the evening producing those lovely long shadows for effect
"; ?> Ad hoc portraiture

The mother of the groom had made the table setting flower arrangements - using available light this portrait helps to tell the story of the day as events unfold
"; ?> reportage ceremony

Taken just as the couple were signing the register - this is the brides mother and father taking their own picture of the event
"; ?> candid ceremony

Whilst the guests were waiting for the bride to arrive, the photographer scanned the seated crowd and found this pleasant candid unfolding - half the skill is in anticipating what will happen, framing the shot, and taking it at precisely the right moment
"; ?> Fun with the groom party

This was the first picture taken at the Hotel where the marriage was taking place - a fun shot to get the groom in the mood and lighten the proceedings - England were playing Jamaica in a world cup warm-up and I knew that the lads would be wearing their England tops - I found the shopping trolley round the back of the hotel and asked the barmaid for some cleaned bottles filled with water for this stunt!!
"; ?> Best man has the rings

A cameo shot of the ring box in the hands of the best man
"; ?> Black and White Confetti

This close-up was taken round the back of a hotel as one friend released confetti from above - it had to be done this way because the couple were not allowed confetti at the church
"; ?> confetti

Nice to get reasonable close to the couple as the confetti cascades down onto them
"; ?> Candid Church

As you would expect, we aim to capture as much as we can within the confines of a place of worship
"; ?> Church Wedding

"; ?> signing the registry

The integral and legally binding part of the ceremony - this is normally posed after the real signing has taken place
"; ?> Chivalry!

The proud Groom opens the car door for his bride
"; ?> Glamour Bridal Portrait

The photographer jumped onto a coffee table and had a portable studio light set up - the bride was on the floor with her dress arranged accordingly for an artistic picture for the album
"; ?> Wedding Rings

This couple were only too happy to show off their married status
"; ?> Bubbles

Sometimes it's nice to give the adults a few minutes to themselves whilst we crank out a bubble machine - this was the daughter of the groom and I think it makes for a fitting candid portrait showing the wonder and exuberance of youth
"; ?> Bride and Groom intimate

The corner of the image is a lovely place to have a head and shoulder shot - heads close together cheek to cheek - I asked the couple to look towards their friends to ensure that the facial expressions are genuine
"; ?> Traditional Wedding Group

Bridesmaid rearranging train of wedding dress
"; ?> Bridal Portraiture

Taken with one portable studio light in the bridal suite on location at the hotel

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