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Telephone: 0800 02343469
Location: Manchester, Manchester

Bailey Photography Information
Company Name:Bailey Photography
Contact:Mr P Bailey
Telephone:0800 02343469
Mobile:07778 848717
County: Manchester
Profile:Bailey Photography is based in the North West and provides a photographic service for various industry sectors including Corporate Portraits, PR, Fashion, Publicity, Promotional, Travel, Editorial & Press. Location & Studio work undertaken in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Birmingham also London as well as other National & International locations.
Our work involves a great deal of traveling. Often there are times when we are not in the Office or Studio. Our regular hours are Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm, however, our schedule is flexible and it is very common for appointments to be scheduled outside of our regular hours. Please feel free to contact us should you feel that we are in a position to accommodate your requirements.
Wedding Photographer:0
Portrait Photographer:1
Commercial Photographer:1
Landscape Photographer:0

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